What’s In A Name?

I’m thinking about switching sites. A few years ago I began a blog called Perfect Little Wagon. It was supposed to be a place where I was going to write about my recovery – starting with drinking. Then I drank and abandoned it. This time when I quit I thought I would start fresh so I named this Sobering Truths. The thing is, I still own the domain for Perfect Little Wagon and after some soul searching (and much podcast listening) I think it is more of a true title for what I am embarking on.

Sobriety is just the beginning. It’s what I have to do first to get to the stuff I have to face. There are years of body image issues I’ve neglected to really dig into. I’ve been anxious since I was very young, depression (well the real dark kind) came more recently. When I named the blog Perfect Little Wagon it was a play on words. Obviously about getting back “on the wagon” but also a bit of sarcasm and a nod to my perfectionism. I feel like it gives me more room to grow in any direction I feel I need to. Even if I feel like being silly or ranty.

So, please come and visit me at www.perfectlittlewagon.com

Oh God, I hope I don’t change my mind again. I literally have 4 domain names. Even this decision makes me anxious. (insert eye roll).

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